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I am trying to apply for a credit card. How do i apply for a credit card.

I have received an offer before an i am interested in applying for a credit card. My name is Lacey S. Davis i am 34 years old i do hair as a source of income to earn money i also have one child a 5 year old. i have had about 20 jobs and they are good jobs i am now currently doing hair as a pimary source of income.

I make pretty good money about three hundred dollars a month which is about a good utility payment some times i make more sometimes not as much but i know at least three hundred dollars a month. I can be reached at 2562243639 this is my cellular phone number please leave a message at the beep of the answering machine or voicemail. Thank You. Lacey S.

Davis October 12, 2017....

P.S.: I am very interested in applying for this card i have been looking for this company for years and i am still interested. Yes i am still interested.

I liked: I like this product its fast and convien.

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