LPC sent me a credit card with the limit of 7,500 dollars that turned out to be a total SCAM. I am very unhappy on how they "supposedly" handle their service.

When i received the credit card in the mail, i was ready to activate it. But the letter that i received regarding my "approval" didn't look quite professional. So i did some research online and found many people with complaints about this particular credit card. Thank god i caught it quick before i actually decided to activate.

Also i took a look at their actual website. They asked me for my checking account number. CREDIT CARD COMPANIES NEVER ASK FOR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS. That was another way how i totaly knew it was a scam.

What i realized that there are peole some were located in California who happened to be bunch of theives and scam people for the money that they work hard for. Which should be immediately REPORTED

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i also recieved the same thing in the mall and because of them my bank account is closed.




nesecito saber si todavia my tarjeta esta activa


Miji, did u go through with the lawsuit thing? I would be interested in taking action against them too! They charged my account all these fees after I told them I didn't want the card.


I just received a bill from them and I n ever used their card!! ($397)I'm beyond being pissed! Here's the phone # I have if anyone wants it 1-800-815=6952.I'm considering a lawsuit, anyone else??




I got one in the mail here in washington state... just threw the info away after shredding it..

it looks too good to be true.. which means it's probably a scam


i knew it was fishy, thanks :)


:x fell for the same offer about 3 yrs ago. the company was then called ccs.

same fees and all. we had to close our bank account and get a new one. they will tell you to notify them by mail.

Gess what they never get any letters. So better not go for the lpc card.


i just received also and not activating, what goes around comes around.

North Java, New York, United States #29681

I just got sent this card. No where on the site did it say that it was not to be used as a regular credit card.

However, I did not sign up for it. In signing up for something completely different, and this particular site popping up, they sent me this card.

I'm PISSED. :(

Max, North Dakota, United States #19836

WE just got charged 99 and we had cancelled it over a year ago the only way to get a number is from the card and we threw it away does anyone have their card so they can tell me the number?

Pontiac, Michigan, United States #13134

Thay are tricky, but this is the real address and the number for the building receptionist, so you can complain to someone else, thay hide thier identity and have listed at another address in this business park called rreef.

7917 SW Cirrus Dr, Beaverton

(503) 526-2044

You should also call the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce and let them know what is going on

Chamber of Commerce

12655 SW Center Street, Suite 140

Beaverton, OR 97005-1600

(503) 644-0123

Durgapur, West Bengal, India #12980

a friend was telling me about her new lpc card

Mcallen, Texas, United States #9816

I had the same issue with LPC. They are like used cardealers they take your money and run.

I actually tried activated the card. They did them same to me asked me for a bank account number and bank name. Most credit card companies do not ask for that info. I fought with them on waiving my $79 processing fee.

They took it from my bank account. I knew then this was a total scam!

I did take the first step on reporting it to BBB.(Better Business Bureau) I am going to find out further steps to take on this! I may get a court order on them !

Anthony, Texas, United States #9246

A friend of mine just recently was telling me about her new lpc card. When I saw the approval letter it looked a little off, so I asked her about the things they asked her over the phone and she said it seemed schemish and now I'm reading up on all the complaints. What should she do in this case now that she has given these people her information?

Rome, Pennsylvania, United States #8321

they also sent me a card without me even applying for it .i actually called the companyu on the phone as well as their website and when i would'nt give her my bank account number shegot very angry but told me she could sttill give me a $4,500 dollar limit so beware and report them to who ever you can!

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