This company sends a credit card with a high limit.They take money out of your checking account.($300.00) The money has come out of my account and I have yet to receive my "catalog" or as yet to be able to purchase anything from the internet catalog. In this catalog is nothing but overpriced items and by the time they take the money out of your account, you can not cancel the "card".

I'm out $300 and can't even purchase from this company.

This is a scam and now I wouldn't even purchase from this company if I could.

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So what are we supposed to do about it, im out $300 and cant buy anything either this *** *** up :(


the exact same thing happened to me i am still waiting for my confirmation number to cancel my card i changed my bank account number cause they said the next payment would still go threw until i receive my conformation number in the mail


I think that if anyone receives the card via Mail...they should turn it over to their States Attorney as "An Attempt to Defraud By Mail" surely just seeing the wording on the paperwork accompanying the card will set off all kinds of alarms..and possibly start a class action suit to put them out of business and behind bars. Stop being taken like a lamb to slaughter...Seek Justice for others !


I feel for anyone that gets scammed by these nimrods...BUT..on the back side of the "Pre-Approved" LP Credit *cough* Card..It states in Bold that if you sign and accept their card you "Waive your right to have a trial by jury to resolve any claim..You are hereby waiving your right to have court resolve any claim...and waive any rights to join a consolidated claim without written permission FROM LP Card" Come on People...Read Your Mail...Take time to digest the things stated....IF you sign the acceptance either online or via Mail...You are saying "Please Take My Money" God Knows I feel for those that have been scammed...BUT...as always "Let the buyer beware"

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